Freitag, 6. Juli 2012

Back on the Blog, Fusion war Geil, blablabla

Hey y'all,

Well, es war doch geil. Sehr, sogar. Wir waren bei Fusion 2012 und WOWOWOW!

  Have you heard of Fusion Festival? It's been going since 1997 in Lärz, Germany on the grounds of a former military airport. There's giant hangars all over the place that have been either closed up up front and used as 'nightclubs' or have stages built into them.
  The festival is 4 days long and completely non-commercial so there are no 19 yr old cigarette girls around throwing you free smokes and there's no beer sponsorship, which, when you consider the cost of a music festival and how much beer companies love giving you free stuff to put their names on them, frickin amazing. Check out their website here
They don't advertise AT ALL. No posters, no stickers, no web ads, nothin. It's word of mouth and since, I think, 2010? 2011? they have limited tickets to 55,000 and it's only by raffle. Crazy shit, huh? But it works and they sell out in one day and it's the closest thing we got to Burning Man but really small and not as many men running around in dresses and naked people on acid. What the hell, we'll take it!

We played on Saturday night at the Tubebox. That's the hangar by the Luftschloss (the big tent-topped building ganz east) and it's run by the folks from Hafenklang in Hamburg. Hafenklang is an excellent club down by the water and they host everything you can imagine. Hip hop shows, punk, metal, rock, folk, burlesque, I saw the Extra Action Marching Band ( there! The Hafenklang/Tubebox crew are super professional but not adverse to getting mighty loaded after Feierabend. Big thanks to them all! Especially our backstage support Rosa who told us if we miss our slot 'ihr kriegt ein auf die fresse' Rosa finden wir DUFTE.

Our show was amazing, if I do say so myself. It was full of action and big beats and dancing kitty-cat ladies and drunks and even one naked woman shakin it Right Up Front.
Mr. Clintwood was at his finest, er hat die Leute so was von animiert and they were screaming all the cues back at him. CLINTWOOD CLINTWOOD CLINTWOOD! Everybody did their part when we did Icke und Er's S.v.B. (Also, Spring vom Balkon!) and for our last song 'Bonkers'  from the imitable Dizzee Rascal, there was even one guy at about 11 o'clock singing every word of the refrain with me. Fantastic. Vids and pics to follow...

We have no new shows booked yet but so-and-so's booker is talking to what's-his-name and then maybe... I'll be back more often to tell tales of the newbie on stage, post videos and pics and generally keep you glued to this blog instead of doing the other important computer things like facebook, twitter and ebay.

See you soon ! Thank you Fusion !

Dienstag, 27. Oktober 2009

Friday wird's geil...

Hello Peoplez,

The Clintwood Show live in der Hanseplatte ( um 21 Uhr... Kommt rum tanzen...